Plan Your Vote SA

Voting On Election Day

All registered voters can vote in person on Election Day. All voters can vote at any polling place in Bexar County.

In order to vote on election day, you’ll need to bring a form of identification. Please find a list of acceptable forms of Photo ID at the Secretary of State’s website: Required Identification for Voting in Person.

When and Where to Vote on Election Day

This May, there will be two different election days- May 7th, 2022 and May 24th, 2022. Voting hours are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at all polling places statewide. On Election day, you can vote at any location in your county of registration.

You can find a polling location by either:

  • Searching the list below to find a location near you
  • Using the Google map at the bottom of this page to map your voting trip.

You can also use the Secretary of State’s Voter Login Tool to find polling places near you. Polling places will be listed two days before voting starts.

Election Day Voting Locations

Please use the Google Map below to find an early voting location near you.

List of Election Day Voting Locations

There are 302 voting locations available on Election Day. As a registered voter in Bexar County, you can vote at any of these. To view early voting sites, click here

VC 1St. Leo Catholic Church (Hall)4423 S. FloresSan Antonio, TX78214
VC 2Burbank High School1002 Edwards St.San Antonio, TX78204
VC 3St. James Catholic Church907 W. Theo Ave.San Antonio, TX78225
VC 4Graebner Elementary School530 Hoover Ave.San Antonio, TX78225
VC 5John Glenn Elementary School2385 Horal Dr.San Antonio, TX78227
VC 6Harlandale Civic Center115 Southcross Blvd.San Antonio, TX78221
VC 7Adams Elementary School135 E. SouthcrossSan Antonio, TX78214
VC 8Mission Library3134 Roosevelt AveSan Antonio, TX78214
VC 9Wright Elementary School115 E. Huff Ave.San Antonio, TX78214
VC 10Rayburn Elementary School635 Rayburn Dr.San Antonio, TX78221
VC 11Collier Elementary School834 W. SouthcrossSan Antonio, TX78211
VC 12Pease Middle School201 Hunt Ln.San Antonio, TX78245
VC 13Dwight Middle School2454 W. SouthcrossSan Antonio, TX78211
VC 14Brentwood Middle School1626 W. Thompson Pl.San Antonio, TX78226
VC 15Gardendale Elementary School1731 Dahlgreen Ave.San Antonio, TX78237
VC 16Ralph Langley Elementary School14185 Bella VistaSan Antonio, TX78253
VC 17Johnston Library6307 Sun Valley Dr.San Antonio, TX78227
VC 18Frank Madla Elementary School6100 Royalgate Dr.San Antonio, TX78242
VC 19Five Palms Elementary School7138 Five Palms Dr.San Antonio, TX78242
VC 20Miguel Carrillo, Jr. Elementary School500 Price Ave.San Antonio, TX78211
VC 21Cortez Library2803 Hunter Blvd.San Antonio, TX78224
VC 22Palo Alto College–Performing Arts Center1400 W. Villaret Blvd.San Antonio, TX78224
VC 23South San Antonio High School7535 Barlite Blvd.San Antonio, TX78224
VC 24St. Leonard Catholic Church8510 S. ZarzamoraSan Antonio, TX78224
VC 25Vestal Elementary School1102 Cantrell Dr.San Antonio, TX78221
VC 26Gillette Elementary School625 Gillette Blvd.San Antonio, TX78221
VC 27Bellaire Elementary School142 E. Amber St.San Antonio, TX78221
VC 28Kingsborough Middle School422 Ashley Rd.San Antonio, TX78221
VC 29Virginia Myers Elementary School3031 Village PkwySan Antonio, TX78251
VC 30Mission Del Lago Community Center2301 Del Lago Pkwy.San Antonio, TX78221
VC 31City of Sandy Oaks Municipal Building4451 Hickory HavenElmendorf, TX78112
VC 32Texas A&M San Antonio Mays CenterOne University WaySan Antonio, TX78224
VC 33Bob Hope Elementary School3022 Reforma Dr.San Antonio, TX78211
VC 34Sky Harbour Elementary School5902 Fishers Bend St.San Antonio, TX78242
VC 35Somerset City Hall7360 E. 6th St.Somerset, TX78069
VC 36Southwest ISD Admin Building11914 Dragon Ln.San Antonio, TX78252
VC 37Luckey Ranch Elementary School12045 Luckey RiverSan Antonio, TX78252
VC 38Northwest Vista College–Mountain Laurel Hall3535 N. Ellison Dr.San Antonio, TX78251
VC 39Adams Hill Elementary School9627 Adams Hill Dr.San Antonio, TX78245
VC 40Ott Elementary School100 N GrosenbacherSan Antonio, TX78253
VC 41Alan Shepard Middle School5558 Ray Ellison Blvd.San Antonio, TX78242
VC 42Lowell Middle School919 Thompson Pl.San Antonio, TX78226
VC 43Dr. Winn Murnin Elementary School9019 DugasSan Antonio, TX78251
VC 44Hatchett Elementary School10700 Ingram Rd.San Antonio, TX78245
VC 45Big Country Elementary School2250 Pue Rd.San Antonio, TX78245
VC 46Lewis Elementary School1000 SeascapeSan Antonio, TX78251
VC 47Westwood Terrace Elementary School2315 Hackamore LaneSan Antonio, TX78227
VC 48Meadow Village Elementary School1406 Meadow Way Dr.San Antonio, TX78227
VC 49Henry A Guerra, Jr. Library7978 Military Drive WSan Antonio, TX78227
VC 50Perales Elementary School1507 Ceralvo St.San Antonio, TX78237
VC 51Mission Academy9210 South PresaSan Antonio, TX78223
VC 52Vale Middle School2120 N. Ellison DrSan Antonio, TX78251
VC 53Evers Elementary School1715 Richland Hills Dr.San Antonio, TX78251
VC 54Ed Cody Elementary School10403 Dugas Dr.San Antonio, TX78245
VC 55Carlos Coon Elementary School3110 Timber View Dr.San Antonio, TX78251
VC 56Southside ISD Admin Bldg (Board Room)1460 Martinez-Losoya Rd.San Antonio, TX78221
VC 57Galm Elementary School1454 Saxon HillSan Antonio, TX78253
VC 58Bobbye Behlau Elementary School2355 Camplight WaySan Antonio, TX78245
VC 59Raba Elementary School9740 RabaSan Antonio, TX78251
VC 60Mary Michael Elementary School3155 Quiet PlainSan Antonio, TX78245
VC 61Lieck Elementary School12600 Reid RanchSan Antonio, TX78245
VC 62Mireles Elementary School12260 Rockwall MillSan Antonio, TX78253
VC 63John Hoffmann Elementary School12118 Volunteer ParkwaySan Antonio, TX78253
VC 64Cole Elementary School13185 Tillman RidgeSan Antonio, TX78253
VC 65Taft High School11600 FM 471 W.San Antonio, TX78253
VC 66Mora Elementary School1520 American LotusSan Antonio, TX78245
VC 67Bexar County Elections1103 S. FrioSan Antonio, TX78207
VC 68Lanier High School1514 W. Cesar E. Chavez BlvdSan Antonio, TX78207
VC 69Margil Academy1000 Perez St.San Antonio, TX78207
VC 70Frank Garrett Multi Service Center1226 N.W. 18th St.San Antonio, TX78207
VC 71Crockett Academy2215 Morales St.San Antonio, TX78207
VC 72Our Lady of the Lake University411 S.W. 24th St.San Antonio, TX78207
VC 73Shepherd King Lutheran Church303 W. Ramsey Rd.San Antonio, TX78216
VC 74Las Palmas Library515 Castroville Rd.San Antonio, TX78237
VC 75Fenwick Academy1930 Waverly Ave.San Antonio, TX78228
VC 76Gus Garcia Middle School3306 Ruiz St.San Antonio, TX78228
VC 77Collins Garden Library200 N. Park Blvd.San Antonio, TX78204
VC 78Edgewood Gym4133 Eldridge Ave.San Antonio, TX78237
VC 79Wrenn Middle School627 S. Acme Rd.San Antonio, TX78237
VC 80Memorial Branch Library3222 Culebra Rd.San Antonio, TX78228
VC 81Huppertz Elementary School247 Bangor St.San Antonio, TX78228
VC 82Woodlawn Hills Elementary School110 W. Quill Dr.San Antonio, TX78228
VC 83St. Paul’s Community Center1201 Donaldson Ave.San Antonio, TX78228
VC 84Colby Glass Elementary School519 Clearview Dr.San Antonio, TX78228
VC 85Joe Ward Recreation Center435 E Sunshine Dr.San Antonio, TX78228
VC 86Sarah King Elementary School1001 Ceralvo St.San Antonio, TX78207
VC 87Storm Elementary School435 Brady Blvd.San Antonio, TX78207
VC 88Laurel Heights United Methodist Church227 W. Woodlawn Ave.San Antonio, TX78212
VC 89Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church108 Shannon LeeSan Antonio, TX78216
VC 90Huisache Avenue Baptist Church1339 W. Huisache Ave.San Antonio, TX78201
VC 91Villarreal Elementary School2902 White Tail DrSan Antonio, TX78228
VC 92Esparza Elementary School5700 Hemphill Dr.San Antonio, TX78228
VC 93Stafford Elementary School415 S.W. 36th St.San Antonio, TX78237
VC 94Woodlawn Academy1717 W. Magnolia Ave.San Antonio, TX78201
VC 95Young Women’s Leadership Academy2123 W. Huisache Ave.San Antonio, TX78201
VC 96Linton Elementary School2103 Oakhill Rd.San Antonio, TX78238
VC 97Powell Elementary School6003 Thunder Dr.San Antonio, TX78238
VC 98Edison High School701 Santa Monica Dr.San Antonio, TX78212
VC 99Kenwood Community Center305 Dora St.San Antonio, TX78212
VC 100Alamo Stadium Convocation Center110 Tuleta Dr.San Antonio, TX78212
VC 101Westminster Square1838 Basse Rd.San Antonio, TX78213
VC 102Whittier Middle School2101 Edison Dr.San Antonio, TX78201
VC 103Maverick Elementary School107 Raleigh Pl.San Antonio, TX78201
VC 104Granados Adult & Senior Center500 FreilingSan Antonio, TX78213
VC 105San Antonio M.U.D #116450 WildlakeHelotes, TX78023
VC 106Dellview Elementary School7235 Dewhurst Rd.San Antonio, TX78213
VC 107Ward Elementary School8400 Cavern HillSan Antonio, TX78254
VC 108Great Northwest Library9050 WellwoodSan Antonio, TX78250
VC 109Community Alliance for Traffic (CATS)7719 Pipers Ln.San Antonio, TX78251
VC 110Barkley-Ruiz Elementary School1111 S. Navidad St.San Antonio, TX78207
VC 111Brauchle Elementary School8555 Bowens CrossingSan Antonio, TX78250
VC 112West Avenue Elementary School3915 West Ave.San Antonio, TX78213
VC 113Nichols Elementary School9560 Braun Rd.San Antonio, TX78254
VC 114Jimmy Elrod Elementary School8885 Heath Circle Dr.San Antonio, TX78250
VC 115Knowlton Elementary School9500 Timber PathSan Antonio, TX78250
VC 116Olmos Elementary School1103 Allena Dr.San Antonio, TX78213
VC 117Living Church at Woodlawn Pointe702 Donaldson Ave.San Antonio, TX78201
VC 118Maury Maverick, Jr. Library8700 Mystic ParkSan Antonio, TX78254
VC 119Westfall Branch Library6111 Rosedale Ct.San Antonio, TX78201
VC 120Carson Elementary School8151 Old Tezel Rd.San Antonio, TX78250
VC 121Trinity United Methodist Church6800 Wurzbach Rd.San Antonio, TX78240
VC 122Burke Elementary School10111 Terra OakSan Antonio, TX78250
VC 123Helotes City Hall12951 Bandera Rd.Helotes, TX78023
VC 124Fernandez Elementary School6845 Ridgebrook St.San Antonio, TX78250
VC 125Ogden Academy2215 Leal St.San Antonio, TX78207
VC 126Fields Elementary School9570 FM 1560San Antonio, TX78254
VC 127Coke Stevenson Middle School8403 Tezel Rd.San Antonio, TX78254
VC 128Wonderland of the Americas4522 Fredericksburg RdSan Antonio, TX78201
VC 129Dr. Pat Henderson Elementary School14605 Kallison BendSan Antonio, TX78254
VC 130Northwest Church of Christ9681 W. Loop 1604 N.San Antonio, TX78254
VC 131Scarborough Elementary School12280 Silver Pointe (at StillwaterSan Antonio, TX78254
VC 132Northwest Crossing Elementary School10255 Dover Rdg.San Antonio, TX78250
VC 133Dean H. Krueger Elementary School9900 Wildhorse ParkwaySan Antonio, TX78254
VC 134Ridgeview Elementary School8223 McCullough Ave.San Antonio, TX78216
VC 135Northside Activity Center7001 Culebra Rd.San Antonio, TX78238
VC 136Connally Middle School8661 Silent SunriseSan Antonio, TX78250
VC 137Mead Elementary School3803 Midhorizon Dr.San Antonio, TX78229
VC 138Health Careers High School4646 Hamilton Wolfe Rd.San Antonio, TX78229
VC 139Las Lomas Elementary School20303 Hardy Oak BlvdSan Antonio, TX78258
VC 140Leon Valley Conference Center6427 Evers Rd.San Antonio, TX78238
VC 141Roan Forest Elementary School22710 Roan ParkSan Antonio, TX78259
VC 142Colonial Hills United Methodist Church5247 Vance JacksonSan Antonio, TX78230
VC 143Colonies North Elementary School9915 NorthamptonSan Antonio, TX78230
VC 144Fair Oaks Ranch City Hall7286 Dietz Elkhorn Rd.Fair Oaks Ranch, TX78015
VC 145Olmos Park City Hall120 El Prado Dr. WOlmos Park, TX78212
VC 146Terrell Hills City Hall5100 N. New BraunfelsTerrell Hills, TX78209
VC 147Rudder Middle School6558 Horn Blvd.San Antonio, TX78240
VC 148Alamo Heights City Hall6116 Broadway St.San Antonio, TX78209
VC 149Alzafar Shrine Auditorium901 N Loop 1604 WSan Antonio, TX78232
VC 150Carnahan Elementary School6839 BabcockSan Antonio, TX78249
VC 151Scobee Elementary School11223 Cedar ParkSan Antonio, TX78249
VC 152M. H. Specht Elementary School25815 Overlook PkwySan Antonio, TX78260
VC 153Lopez Middle School23103 Hardy Oak Blvd.San Antonio, TX78258
VC 154Northwood Elementary School519 Pike Rd.San Antonio, TX78209
VC 155Grey Forest Community Center18249 Sherwood TrailGrey Forest, TX78023
VC 156Barbara Bush Middle School1500 Evans Rd.San Antonio, TX78258
VC 157Alamo Heights United Methodist Church825 E. Basse Rd.San Antonio, TX78209
VC 158Healing Place Church28703 IH 10 WBoerne, TX78006
VC 159Clark High School5150 De Zavala Rd.San Antonio, TX78249
VC 160Ed Rawlinson Middle School14100 Vance JacksonSan Antonio, TX78249
VC 161Grace Bible Chapel18911 Redland Rd.San Antonio, TX78259
VC 162Regency Place Elementary School10222 BroadwaySan Antonio, TX78217
VC 163Shearer Hills Baptist Church360 Interpark Blvd.San Antonio, TX78216
VC 164Harmony Hills Elementary School10727 Memory LaneSan Antonio, TX78216
VC 165Castle Hills City Hall209 LemonwoodCastle Hills, TX78213
VC 166Larkspur Elementary School1802 LarkspurSan Antonio, TX78213
VC 167Hunters Creek Racquet Club3630 Hunters Circle St.San Antonio, TX78230
VC 168Cody Library11441 Vance Jackson Rd.San Antonio, TX78230
VC 169Woods of Shavano Community Club13838 Parksite Woods St.San Antonio, TX78249
VC 170Shavano Park City Hall900 Saddletree Ct.Shavano Park, TX78231
VC 171Brookhollow Library530 Heimer Rd.San Antonio, TX78232
VC 172Wetmore Elementary School3250 Thousand OaksSan Antonio, TX78247
VC 173Bradley Middle School14819 Heimer Rd.San Antonio, TX78232
VC 174Oak Meadow United Methodist Church2740 Hunters GreenSan Antonio, TX78231
VC 175Bulverde Creek Elementary School3839 Canyon ParkwaySan Antonio, TX78259
VC 176Timberwood Park Elementary School26715 S. GlenroseSan Antonio, TX78260
VC 177Thousand Oaks Elementary School16080 Henderson PassSan Antonio, TX78232
VC 178Hill Country Village City Hall116 Aspen LaneHill Country Village, TX78232
VC 179Hollywood Park City Hall2 Mecca Dr.Hollywood Park, TX78232
VC 180Vineyard Ranch Elementary School16818 Huebner Rd.San Antonio, TX78258
VC 181Leon Springs Elementary School23881 IH 10 WSan Antonio, TX78257
VC 182Monroe S. May Elementary School15707 Chase Hill Blvd.San Antonio, TX78256
VC 183Leon Springs Baptist Church24133 Boerne Stage Rd.San Antonio, TX78255
VC 184Bob Beard Elementary School8725 Sonoma ParkwayHelotes, TX78023
VC 185Steubing Ranch Elementary School5100 Knoll CreekSan Antonio, TX78247
VC 186Hidden Forest Elementary802 Silver Spruce St.San Antonio, TX78232
VC 187Faith Lutheran Church14819 Jones Maltsberger Rd.San Antonio, TX78247
VC 188Semmes Library15060 Judson Rd.San Antonio, TX78247
VC 189Helotes Elementary School13878 Riggs Rd.Helotes, TX78023
VC 190Rhodes Elementary School5714 North KnollSan Antonio, TX78240
VC 191Redland Oaks Elementary School16650 Red Land Rd.San Antonio, TX78247
VC 192Longs Creek Elementary School15806 O’Connor Rd.San Antonio, TX78247
VC 193Encino Library2515 E. Evans RdSan Antonio, TX78259
VC 194Oak Hills Terrace Elementary School5710 Cary Grant Dr.San Antonio, TX78240
VC 195Hartman Center II – Building One1202 W. Bitters Bldg 1San Antonio, TX78216
VC 196Hardy Oak Elementary School22900 Hardy Oak BlvdSan Antonio, TX78258
VC 197Tuscany Heights Elementary School25001 Wilderness OakSan Antonio, TX78258
VC 198Cibolo Green Elementary School24315 Bulverde GreenSan Antonio, TX78261
VC 199John Marshall High School8000 Lobo Ln.San Antonio, TX78240
VC 200First Chinese Baptist Church5481 Prue Rd.San Antonio, TX78240
VC 201Thornton Elementary School6450 PembrokeSan Antonio, TX78240
VC 202UTSA (Ballroom)1 UTSA CircleSan Antonio, TX78249
VC 203Blossom Athletic Center12002 Jones Maltsberger Rd.San Antonio, TX78216
VC 204Ellison Elementary School7132 Oak Dr.San Antonio, TX78256
VC 205McDermott Elementary School5111 USAA Blvd.San Antonio, TX78240
VC 206Church of Reconciliation-Episcopal8900 StarcrestSan Antonio, TX78217
VC 207Churchill High School12049 Blanco Rd.San Antonio, TX78216
VC 208Carl Wanke Elementary School10419 Old Prue Rd.San Antonio, TX78249
VC 209Stone Oak Elementary School21045 Crescent OaksSan Antonio, TX78258
VC 210Tejeda Middle School2909 E. Evans RdSan Antonio, TX78259
VC 211Murray E. Boone Elementary School6614 Spring Time DrSan Antonio, TX78249
VC 212Aue Elementary School24750 Baywater StageSan Antonio, TX78255
VC 213Parman Library20735 Wilderness OakSan Antonio, TX78258
VC 214Huebner Elementary School16311 Huebner Rd.San Antonio, TX78249
VC 215Tex Hill Middle School21314 Bulverde Rd.San Antonio, TX78259
VC 216Dr. Hector P. Garcia Middle School14900 Kyle Seale ParkwaySan Antonio, TX78255
VC 217John Igo Library13330 Kyle Seale ParkwaySan Antonio, TX78249
VC 218Indian Springs Elementary School25751 Wilderness OakSan Antonio, TX78261
VC 219Lions Field2809 Broadway St.San Antonio, TX78209
VC 220San Antonio Central Library600 SoledadSan Antonio, TX78205
VC 221Davis Scott YMCA1213 Iowa St.San Antonio, TX78203
VC 222Bowden Academy515 Willow St.San Antonio, TX78202
VC 223Young Men’s Leadership Academy at Wheatley415 GabrielSan Antonio, TX78202
VC 224Claude Black Center2805 E. CommerceSan Antonio, TX78202
VC 225Beacon Hill Academy1411 W. Ashby Pl.San Antonio, TX78201
VC 226Japhet Academy314 AstorSan Antonio, TX78210
VC 227SAC Victory Center1819 N. Main Ave.San Antonio, TX78212
VC 228Bonham Academy925 S. St. Mary’s St.San Antonio, TX78205
VC 229Foster Academy6718 Pecan ValleySan Antonio, TX78223
VC 230Clear Spring Elementary School4311 Clear SpringSan Antonio, TX78217
VC 231Rogers Middle School314 Galway Dr.San Antonio, TX78223
VC 232Kate Schenck Elementary School101 Kate SchenckSan Antonio, TX78223
VC 233McCreless Library1023 AdaSan Antonio, TX78223
VC 234James Bode Recreation Center900 RigsbySan Antonio, TX78210
VC 235Smith Elementary School823 S. GeversSan Antonio, TX78203
VC 236Highland Hills Elementary School734 Glamis Ave.San Antonio, TX78223
VC 237Pecan Valley Elementary School3966 E. SouthcrossSan Antonio, TX78222
VC 238Hirsch Elementary School4826 Seabreeze Dr.San Antonio, TX78220
VC 239Mount Calvary Lutheran Church308 Mount Calvary Dr.San Antonio, TX78209
VC 240M. L. King Academy3501 Martin Luther KingSan Antonio, TX78220
VC 241AT&T Center1 AT&T Center ParkwaySan Antonio, TX78219
VC 242Wilshire Elementary School6523 Cascade Pl.San Antonio, TX78218
VC 243E. Terrell Hills Elementary School4415 BloomdaleSan Antonio, TX78218
VC 244Tobin Library @ Oakwell4134 Harry WurzbachSan Antonio, TX78209
VC 245Krueger Middle School438 Lanark Dr.San Antonio, TX78218
VC 246Riverside Park Elementary School202 School St.San Antonio, TX78210
VC 247Ed White Middle School7800 Midcrown Dr.San Antonio, TX78218
VC 248Windcrest Takas Park9310 Jim Seal Dr.Windcrest, TX78239
VC 249Royal Ridge Elementary School5933 Royal Ridge Dr.San Antonio, TX78239
VC 250Judson ISD ERC8205 Palisades DrLive Oak, TX78233
VC 251Ed Franz Elementary School12301 Welcome DrLive Oak, TX78233
VC 252Montgomery Elementary School7047 Montgomery Dr.San Antonio, TX78239
VC 253Kirby City Hall112 Bauman St.Kirby, TX78219
VC 254Woodlake Hills Middle School6625 Woodlake ParkwaySan Antonio, TX78244
VC 255Old Converse City Hall405 South Seguin Rd.Converse, TX78109
VC 256China Grove City Hall2412 FM 1516 S.China Grove, TX78263
VC 257St. Hedwig City Hall13065 FM – 1346St. Hedwig, TX78152
VC 258East Central High School7173 FM 1628San Antonio, TX78263
VC 259Harmony Elementary School10625 Green Lake Dr.San Antonio, TX78223
VC 260Elmendorf City Hall8304 FM 327Elmendorf, TX78112
VC 261Park Village Elementary School5855 MidcrownSan Antonio, TX78218
VC 262Schaefer Library6322 US Hwy. 87 E.San Antonio, TX78222
VC 263Coronado Village Elementary School213 Amistad BlvdUniversal City, TX78148
VC 264Sam Houston High School4635 E. HoustonSan Antonio, TX78220
VC 265Spring Meadows Elementary School7135 Elm Trail Dr.San Antonio, TX78244
VC 266Salinas Elementary School10560 Old Cimarron Trl.Universal City, TX78148
VC 267Crestview Elementary School7710 Narrow PassLive Oak, TX78233
VC 268El Dorado Elementary School12634 El SenderoSan Antonio, TX78233
VC 269Thousand Oaks El Sendero Library4618 Thousand OaksSan Antonio, TX78233
VC 270John H. Wood Middle School14800 Judson Rd.San Antonio, TX78233
VC 271Woodstone Elementary School5602 FountainwoodSan Antonio, TX78233
VC 272Lamar Elementary School201 ParlandSan Antonio, TX78209
VC 273Copernicus Community Center5003 Lord Rd.San Antonio, TX78220
VC 274Ray D Corbett Jr High School(SCUC)12000 Ray Corbett DrSchertz, TX78154
VC 275Judson ISD Performing Arts Center9443 Schaefer Rd.Converse, TX78109
VC 276Metzger Middle School7475 Binz-Engleman Rd.San Antonio, TX78244
VC 277Cotton Academy1616 Blanco Rd.San Antonio, TX78212
VC 278Candlewood Elementary School3635 CandleglenSan Antonio, TX78244
VC 279Paschall Elementary School6351 Lake View Dr.San Antonio, TX78244
VC 280Olympia Hills Golf Club12900 Mt. OlympusUniversal City, TX78148
VC 281Northern Hills Elementary School13901 Higgins Rd.San Antonio, TX78217
VC 282Stahl Elementary School5222 Stahl Rd.San Antonio, TX78247
VC 283Universal City Library100 Northview Dr.Universal City, TX78148
VC 284Elolf Elementary School6335 Beech Trail Dr.Converse, TX78109
VC 285City of Von Ormy14729 Quarter HorseVon Ormy, TX78073
VC 286St. Philip of Jesus Catholic Church122 E. Lambert St.San Antonio, TX78204
VC 287McCollum High School500 W. FormosaSan Antonio, TX78221
VC 288Spicewood Elementary School11303 Tilson Dr.San Antonio, TX78224
VC 289Loma Park Elementary School400 AuroraSan Antonio, TX78228
VC 290Sul Ross Middle School3630 Callaghan Rd.San Antonio, TX78228
VC 291H. B. Zachry Middle School9410 Timber PathSan Antonio, TX78250
VC 292Pieper Ranch Middle School1106 Kinder Pkwy.San Antonio, TX78260
VC 293Sonny Melendrez Community Ctr.5919 W. CommerceSan Antonio, TX78237
VC 294Glenoaks Elementary School5103 Newcome Dr.San Antonio, TX78229
VC 295Oak Grove Elementary School3250 Nacogdoches Rd.San Antonio, TX78217
VC 296Longfellow Elementary School1130 E. Sunshine Dr.San Antonio, TX78228
VC 297Wortham Oaks Elementary5710 Carriage CapeSan Antonio, TX78261
VC 298Blattman Elementary School3300 N. Loop 1604 E.Shavano Park, TX78231
VC 299Cameron Elementary School3635 Belgium Ln.San Antonio, TX78219
VC 300Highlands High School3118 Elgin Ave.San Antonio, TX78210
VC 301Davis Middle School4702 E. Houston St.San Antonio, TX78220
VC 302Ball Academy400 Hot Wells Blvd.San Antonio, TX78223