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Texas State Board of Education

This November there are both Federal and State-Wide elections. On Tuesday, November 8th, voters will go head to the polls to vote on candidates for the Texas State Board of Education.

Visit our voting page to learn how to vote on or before Election Day. Review the links below to discover whats on the local ballot and why each position matters.

Texas Board of Education

The Texas State Board of Education is responsible for managing the state’s public K-12 education. There are 15 state Board of Education members who are elected by Texans to four year terms of office.

Each member represents a distinct geographical district. Visit this link to find which district you are registered to vote in. Review the information below to learn more about what’s on the local ballot.

Texas SBOE, District 1


Michael Stevens – Republican

Melissa Ortega – Democrat

District 1 Details

School Districts Located in District 1

Texas SBOE, District 3


Marisa Perez-Diaz (i) – Democrat

Ken Morrow – Republican

District 3 Map

School Districts Located within SBOE 3

Texas SBOE, District 5


Rebecca Bell-Metermeau (i) – Democrat

Mark Loewe – Republican

District 5 Map

School districts located within District 5