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Bexar County Elections 2022

This November there are both Federal and State-Wide elections.

Visit our voting page to learn how to vote on or before Election Day. Scroll below to learn more about each of the positions up for grabs on November 8th. More information on each candidate will be provided as we get closer to election day

Bexar County Offices

Bexar County Clerk


Lucy Adame-Clark (i) – Democratic

Richard Gold – Republican

Bexar County District Attorney


Joe Gonzales (i) – Democrat

Marc LaHood – Republican

Bexar County District Clerk

What does the Bexar County District Clerck do?

Serving the 19th largest county in the entire United States and the 4th largest county in Texas, the Office of the Bexar County District Clerk currently administers a variety of courts:

  • 27 district courts
    • 14 civil
    • 10 criminal
    • 3 juvenile
  • 10 auxiliary courts
    • 4 civil
    • 3 criminal
    • 3 juvenile
  • 1 magistrate court

To meet these complex requirements, the staff of the District Clerk’s Office has made implementing cost-saving technologies one of their highest priorities. Please use this website to find the many online resources for information, services, and searches pertaining to district court matters, as well as links to some of these technologies such as the eFile e-filing system. Let us know if you have any ideas as to how we might improve our website so that we may better serve your needs.

In addition to serving the district courts, deputy district clerks manage the paperwork at the Central Magistrate’s office where all those arrested by local law enforcement officers are taken to be advised of the charges being brought against them and either processed out on bond or sent to jail. The Magistrate Search on our website gives information about those being held there. 


Misty Spears – Republican

Gloria Martinez – Democrat

Bexar County Commissioners Court Judge

County Judge Responsibilities:

  • Presiding officer of the commissioners court
  • Represents the county in many administrative functions
  • Serves as budget officer in counties with fewer than 225,000 residents
  • Most have broad judicial duties, such as presiding over misdemeanor criminal and small civil cases, probate matters and appeals from the Justice of the Peace Court
  • Serves as head of emergency management

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Trish DeBerry (R)

Peter Sakai (D)

Edgar Coyle (L)

Bexar County Commission

District 2


Justin Rodriguez (i) – Democrat

District 3 – Special Election


Susan Korbel – Democrat

Grant Moody – Republican

District 4


Tommy Calvert (i) – Democrat

Larry Ricketts – Republican

Bexar County Judicial Offices

Judicial Office 1

Helen Petry-Stowe (i) – Democrat

Bob Behrens – Republican

Judicial Office 2

Melissa Saenz – Democrat

Jason Wolff – Republican

Judicial Office 3

David J. Rodriguez (i) – Democrat

Judicial Office 4

Alfredo Ximenez (i) – Democrat

Jason R. Garrahan – Republican

Judicial Office 5

Andrea Arevalos – Democrat

Judicial Office 6

Brandon Jackson – Republican

Erica Dominguez – Democrat

Judicial Office 7

Melanie Lira – Democrat

Adam LaHood – Republican

Judicial Office 8

Mary Roman (i) – Democrat

Ashley Foster – Republican

Judicial Office 9

Gloria Saldaña (i) – Democrat

Judicial Office 10

Jamie Mathis – Republican

Cesar Garcia – Democrat

Judicial Office 11

Tommy Stolhandske (i) – Republican

Erica Peña – Democrat

Judicial Office 12

Yolanda Huff (i) – Democrat

Suzanne Kramer – Republican

Judicial Office 13

Rosie Gonzalez (i) – Democrat

Charles Gold – Republican

Judicial Office 14

Carlo Key (i) – Democrat

Susan Skinner – Republican

Judicial Office 15

Melissa Vara (i) – Democrat

Robert Pate – Republican